What is Speedmath?

Speed Math is a systematic and challenging mental calculation training program designed to teach children how to quickly and accurately process the four basic methods of arithmetic operations.e.g. +/ -: up to 5 digits 3 teams (number of numbers), multiplication: up to 4 digits times 3 digits, division: up to 6 digits by 3 digits.

The Goals of Learning Speedmath

The goal of learning Speed Math is to develop both sides of your child's brain. Walking with two legs in much easier than walking with one leg. Nobody walks with one leg, if he has two. So developing the left and right brain simultaneously is one of the most important things in the development of your child. Learning Speed Math is the best way to develop one's right brain.

Syllabus and Exam.

Speed Math is evaluated against standards of excellence set for all levels of abacus and mental calculations, which is divided into ten levels. Each level needs about 6-9 months to complete according to their performance, but is tailored to the needs of each student. Each level will conclude with an in-class exam. Each year, a public competition will be held by the International Abacus Association and all students will be asked to undergo this competition. Trophies will be awarded according to their results as recognition of their effort and accomplishment.

Target Students

6-18 years old students
Class duration: 90 mins/class
Time: once per week
Tool: Abacus ($30)
Registration Fee: $20
Fee: $26 per class